The Importance of Credit Cards to Entrepreneurs

Credit Card EntrepreneursIt was just a decade or so ago that the thought of starting your own business was a task too daunting for many people to take on. In recent years, opportunities to promote new products or ideas through the Internet have made the idea of starting a business less of a pipedream. But, as with most big plans, the financial aspect may still be troublesome for some would-be entrepreneurs. Not only do they need to find the capital to invest but also to choose which payment options to provide for their Continue

From Across The Pond – Increased Credit Card Security Finally Heading Our Way

chip-pin-securityIt’s been more than 10 years since the introduction of a more secure credit card that incorporates a chip and requires a PIN or signature to authorize transactions. The chip and PIN cards have been used in Europe for years, while the U.S. credit card and retail industries have dragged their feet because of the high cost of making the switch. Who would have thought it would have taken so long to spread to the U.S., but it was just a matter of time with the vulnerability of magnetic strips by hackers so often in the news. Consumers are now demanding improved security. Continue

The Best Black Friday Payment Options

Black Friday Payment OptionsBlack Friday is known as the day when retailers try to thrust their sales into the black for the year, but the term was first used in Philadelphia for the hectic day following Thanksgiving when the Army vs. Navy game was played in the city. The mayhem was called ‘Black Friday’ and it’s been associated with holiday shopping ever since. This year many deals have been slowly leaked out early before the holiday rush even begins, but before you jump on the bandwagon, make sure that your method of payment won’t negate all the savings. Continue

Smart Businesses Use Mobile Card Technology

Mobile Card TechnologyThere’s a lot of talk about credit cards from the vantage point of borrowers. Financial experts discuss the pitfalls of taking on too much debt, atrocious fees and solutions put in place by the Fed – with little sympathy for the banks or institutions that provide the service. One aspect of the industry that doesn’t get much attention is the growing use of mobile technology and how it’s helping small businesses. Being able to accept all forms of payment is essential, and mobile card technology provides many benefits over traditional card processing. Continue

Preventing Unexpected Credit Card Charges

Unexpected Credit Card ChargesDo you ever get the feeling that there’s a black hole somewhere swallowing up your money at the end of the month? It’s not a substantial amount that seems to disappear, but enough to be bothersome. You may be one of the millions of consumers being hit with charges on your credit card referred to as ‘grey
. When only ten percent of us take the time to review our credit statements each month, it’s no surprise that more than $14 billion in credit and debit charges go unnoticed annually, many initiated unknowingly by cardholders. Continue

3 Helpful Credit Card Services You Should Use

Helpful Credit Card ServicesIn today’s erratic economy, with rosy predictions reported one day and dire warnings issued the next, it’s important for you to take advantage of every opportunity to simplify your life and prevent financial mishaps. With intense competition among credit card issuers, banks will provide you with a variety of flexible ways to better manage your accounts, and they won’t cost you a dime. Take advantage of the following services, if your credit card issuer provides them, and you’ll save money, avoid hassles and gain access to various protections. Continue

Don’t Let Credit Card Rewards Go to Waste

Unclaimed Credit Card RewReward programs haven’t always been so easy to come by. Sign-up bonuses and other perks were once reserved for people with long, outstanding credit histories. But times have changed, and in some cases, having just a moderate credit score is good enough to be approved for a credit card with generous rewards. With so many reward choices and the average American carrying three different credit cards at any one time, it’s easy to see how rewards may go unredeemed. But forgetting about those unused reward points is a huge mistake! Continue

Be Vigilant With Inactive Credit Card Accounts

inactive-accountsWith exciting new credit card deals being offered through the mail and on the Internet, it’s no wonder that disposing of old credit cards is on many people’s minds. Substituting old cards for new and improved offers with lower rates and better reward options is common practice and may be a wise financial decision. But even though your old credit cards have been tossed in a drawer with no expectation of being used again, they may still have an important role to fill. So when, if ever, is it OK to cancel your inactive credit card accounts? Continue

Up to 10% Cash Back! Ace Rewards® Card

ace-rewardsYes… you heard right! Earn up to 10% cash back with the Ace Rewards® Visa Card! Some restrictions apply, but it’s quite a jump from the average 1% cash back provided by most standard reward cards. To earn the big 10% cash back incentive, you must make purchases within specified categories each quarter (i.e. grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) It takes 6 weeks for the bonus points to be awarded and there are caps on how much you can earn in each category, but if you take full advantage of this offer – YOU CAN SAVE BIG-TIME! Continue


Credit Respect for WomenWhat a strange and boring world it would be if men and women were identical, but thankfully, we differ in ways that complement each other. As a society, we’re striving to level the playing field in vital areas of life where our differences were once used to restrict women. In fact, it was just over a quarter century ago that a woman would have a hard time getting a credit card in her own name. If she were to divorce, it would have been difficult and sometimes impossible for her to secure loans or credit to start rebuilding her life. Luckily, times have changed… Continue

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