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Apple Pay – Six Months Later

Apple Pay ServiceWhen Apple Pay was first introduced to American consumers less than six months ago, one of the big questions was whether or not credit card companies and banks would jump on board the new card-less technology. The second was would consumers be confident in this system or remain as leery as they were about Google Wallet. To prevent the less than enthusiastic acceptance of other previously introduced card-less credit payment services, Apple will definitely need to do a better job Continue

The Importance of Credit Cards to Entrepreneurs

Credit Card EntrepreneursIt was just a decade or so ago that the thought of starting your own business was a task too daunting for many people to take on. In recent years, opportunities to promote new products or ideas through the Internet have made the idea of starting a business less of a pipedream. But, as with most big plans, the financial aspect may still be troublesome for some would-be entrepreneurs. Not only do they need to find the capital to invest but also to choose which payment options to provide for their Continue

Six Mistakes That Can Decimate the Benefits
of a Reward Credit Card

Reward Credit Card MistakesWith so many different offers to choose from, consumers often look for credit cards with the lowest interest rates and the biggest reward perks. But choosing a great reward card is only the first step to benefiting from it. Clouded by the hope of accumulating enough reward points for a dream vacation or a big cash bonus, many people overlook the details found in the small print of every credit card agreement. Credit card companies gain enough of your hard earned money through interest rates and fees, so it seems unconscionable that they would penalize your benefits or deny Continue

From Across The Pond – Increased Credit Card Security Finally Heading Our Way

chip-pin-securityIt’s been more than 10 years since the introduction of a more secure credit card that incorporates a chip and requires a PIN or signature to authorize transactions. The chip and PIN cards have been used in Europe for years, while the U.S. credit card and retail industries have dragged their feet because of the high cost of making the switch. Who would have thought it would have taken so long to spread to the U.S., but it was just a matter of time with the vulnerability of magnetic strips by hackers so often in the news. Consumers are now demanding improved security. Continue

Interest Rates Are Lower… Yet Credit Card APRs Remain Unchanged

Credit Card Interest Rates UnchangedSince the credit crisis of 2008, the federal funds rate has dropped and default rates are falling, yet credit card interest rates have remained steady at around 13 percent. So why aren’t people who carry a balance on their credit card getting a break? Banks are paying less for the money they borrow and less people are defaulting on their credit card accounts, shouldn’t they be passing along the savings to consumers? One expert blames this conundrum on “inertia”, a nice way of saying that consumers aren’t shopping around for better deals. Continue

Top Small Business Credit Cards for 2014

Top Business Credit Cards for 2014For most small businesses, the key to long-term success depends on good financial management. Whether it’s obtaining capital or accurately monitoring expenses, having the right tools in place can make or break a business. One of the most useful tools available to business owners is a small business credit card. An excellent source of short-term funding, small business credit cards provide a variety of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. These are our choices for top business credit cards of 2014: Continue

Top Travel / Airline Credit Cards for 2014

Top Airline Credit Cards for 2014Travel and airline rewards are a popular option for credit card shoppers. With more than $560 billion spent on travel in 2012, it’s no surprise that people are on the lookout for ways to save on travel expenses. Who doesn’t appreciate free airfare, discount hotel stays and exclusive travel perks? If you’re a frequent traveler or would like to cut the cost of your next vacation, travel and airline credit cards provide a quick and easy way to earn flexible travel rewards. Here are our top airline / travel credit cards for 2014: Continue

Top Balance Transfer Credit Cards for 2014

Top Balance Transfer Cards for 2014Balance transfers are one of the best ways to tame credit card debt and save money on interest charges. Transferring a balance is always worth considering since the savings can be substantial – especially during the intro period. Even bigger savings come when you transfer large balances to a 0% APR credit card. Most companies provide zero APR balance transfers, but the best balance transfer credit cards will have the longest intro periods and lowest fees. Here are our top balance transfer credit cards for 2014: Continue

Top Cash Back Credit Cards for 2014

Top Cash Back Credit Cards for 2014Cash back is the most popular and widely chosen reward option available to consumers. Simple and easy to use, for every purchase you make with a cash back credit card you’ll earn a flat percentage of the total charges – anywhere from 1% to 5%. Almost every credit card issuer features a cash back program, but the best cash back credit cards will provide bigger incentives, have reduced restrictions and offer more ways to earn cash and bonus rewards. Here are our choices for top cash back credit cards of 2014: Continue

Bad Advice for Credit Card Breach Victims

Credit Card Breach AdviceJust prior to the week of Christmas, an estimated 40 million debit and credit card accounts were breached at Target, leaving millions of people wondering how they would be affected by the massive debacle. In the mean time, financial and security experts have been advising consumers about what to do, if they’ve become a victim or are concerned about their data. While much of the advice is sound, be aware of frauds and profiteers looking to take advantage of your fear. Continue

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