Apple Pay – Six Months Later

Apple Pay ServiceWhen Apple Pay was first introduced to American consumers less than six months ago, one of the big questions was whether or not credit card companies and banks would jump on board the new card-less technology. The second was would consumers be confident in this system or remain as leery as they were about Google Wallet. To prevent the less than enthusiastic acceptance of other previously introduced card-less credit payment services, Apple will definitely need to do a better job Continue

From Across The Pond – Increased Credit Card Security Finally Heading Our Way

chip-pin-securityIt’s been more than 10 years since the introduction of a more secure credit card that incorporates a chip and requires a PIN or signature to authorize transactions. The chip and PIN cards have been used in Europe for years, while the U.S. credit card and retail industries have dragged their feet because of the high cost of making the switch. Who would have thought it would have taken so long to spread to the U.S., but it was just a matter of time with the vulnerability of magnetic strips by hackers so often in the news. Consumers are now demanding improved security. Continue

Interest Rates Are Lower… Yet Credit Card APRs Remain Unchanged

Credit Card Interest Rates UnchangedSince the credit crisis of 2008, the federal funds rate has dropped and default rates are falling, yet credit card interest rates have remained steady at around 13 percent. So why aren’t people who carry a balance on their credit card getting a break? Banks are paying less for the money they borrow and less people are defaulting on their credit card accounts, shouldn’t they be passing along the savings to consumers? One expert blames this conundrum on “inertia”, a nice way of saying that consumers aren’t shopping around for better deals. Continue

Top Cash Back Credit Cards for 2014

Top Cash Back Credit Cards for 2014Cash back is the most popular and widely chosen reward option available to consumers. Simple and easy to use, for every purchase you make with a cash back credit card you’ll earn a flat percentage of the total charges – anywhere from 1% to 5%. Almost every credit card issuer features a cash back program, but the best cash back credit cards will provide bigger incentives, have reduced restrictions and offer more ways to earn cash and bonus rewards. Here are our choices for top cash back credit cards of 2014: Continue

Bad Advice for Credit Card Breach Victims

Credit Card Breach AdviceJust prior to the week of Christmas, an estimated 40 million debit and credit card accounts were breached at Target, leaving millions of people wondering how they would be affected by the massive debacle. In the mean time, financial and security experts have been advising consumers about what to do, if they’ve become a victim or are concerned about their data. While much of the advice is sound, be aware of frauds and profiteers looking to take advantage of your fear. Continue

Consider a Digital Wallet for Holiday Purchases

digital-walletConsumers are becoming more comfortable buying online with mobile devices. Approximately half of the sales during Black Friday weekend were from cyber shoppers using smart phones and tablets to process transactions. The popularity of online shopping is demonstrated by a designated day dubbed “Cyber Monday,” an online version of Black Friday, with merchants putting their best deals on display to be snatched up by savvy Internet shoppers. Being able to shop from home and avoid long lines make the concept of a digital wallet appealing, but many consumers are still unfamiliar with the term. Continue

Protect Against Wrongful Credit Card Lawsuits

Credit Card LawsuitMost consumers are working hard to lower their credit card debt, but there are the millions of others who have outstanding credit card balances that they cannot or will not pay. Credit card companies do not get any pleasure out of sending an account to collections but would rather work with their customers to find a way to keep the account solvent. When an account is sent to a collection agency, in essence the company is accepting that the money will never be repaid according to the terms of the original agreement. In an attempt to recoup even a small portion of their losses, a collection agency takes over the account for the credit card company and works to get payments started. Continue

Three Simple Ways to Save on Gas

save-on-gasFor the last five years gas prices have taken consumers on a roller coaster ride! In 2008 the national average hit an all-time high of $4.11, followed by a rapid slide as the economy faltered. Since then, fuel costs have been on a steady rise and are once again approaching record levels. In May, gas prices broke $4.00 a gallon in some parts of the country – with the National average only 24 cents from the all-time high. Although many experts think we’ve seen a peak for the summer driving season, the high price of gasoline continues to chip away at consumer’s pocket books year-after-year. Continue


Credit Respect for WomenWhat a strange and boring world it would be if men and women were identical, but thankfully, we differ in ways that complement each other. As a society, we’re striving to level the playing field in vital areas of life where our differences were once used to restrict women. In fact, it was just over a quarter century ago that a woman would have a hard time getting a credit card in her own name. If she were to divorce, it would have been difficult and sometimes impossible for her to secure loans or credit to start rebuilding her life. Luckily, times have changed… Continue

Financial Concerns in a Post-Graduate World

Post Graduate Financial ConcernsIf you’ve earned a college degree, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to gain a higher-education. The obvious objective is to become educated in a variety of areas, both in your field of study and in general topics of interest. The second objective is often overlooked, and that is to learn how to effectively manage life on your own. When your education goals have finally been achieved, it’s time to move on to a life outside of college and that requires a new way of thinking and comes with a completely new set of responsibilities. Continue

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