Top Cash Back Credit Cards for 2014

Top Cash Back Credit Cards for 2014Cash back is the most popular and widely chosen reward option available to consumers. Simple and easy to use, for every purchase you make with a cash back credit card you’ll earn a flat percentage of the total charges – anywhere from 1% to 5%. Almost every credit card issuer features a cash back program, but the best cash back credit cards will provide bigger incentives, have reduced restrictions and offer more ways to earn cash and bonus rewards. Here are our choices for top cash back credit cards of 2014: Continue

Bad Advice for Credit Card Breach Victims

Credit Card Breach AdviceJust prior to the week of Christmas, an estimated 40 million debit and credit card accounts were breached at Target, leaving millions of people wondering how they would be affected by the massive debacle. In the mean time, financial and security experts have been advising consumers about what to do, if they’ve become a victim or are concerned about their data. While much of the advice is sound, be aware of frauds and profiteers looking to take advantage of your fear. Continue

Consider a Digital Wallet for Holiday Purchases

digital-walletConsumers are becoming more comfortable buying online with mobile devices. Approximately half of the sales during Black Friday weekend were from cyber shoppers using smart phones and tablets to process transactions. The popularity of online shopping is demonstrated by a designated day dubbed “Cyber Monday,” an online version of Black Friday, with merchants putting their best deals on display to be snatched up by savvy Internet shoppers. Being able to shop from home and avoid long lines make the concept of a digital wallet appealing, but many consumers are still unfamiliar with the term. Continue

Preventing Unexpected Credit Card Charges

Unexpected Credit Card ChargesDo you ever get the feeling that there’s a black hole somewhere swallowing up your money at the end of the month? It’s not a substantial amount that seems to disappear, but enough to be bothersome. You may be one of the millions of consumers being hit with charges on your credit card referred to as ‘grey
. When only ten percent of us take the time to review our credit statements each month, it’s no surprise that more than $14 billion in credit and debit charges go unnoticed annually, many initiated unknowingly by cardholders. Continue

5 Tips to Offset Rising Interest Rates

Rising Interest RatesThere is generally one small bright spot in the midst of a stagnant economy – low interest rates. But historically low rates are slowly beginning to creep upward resulting in an increase in the cost of borrowing. If you’re already finding it difficult to make a dent in what you owe, rising interest rates will only make it more difficult to reduce your debt, resulting in more time and money to pay off your balance. The thought of more of your hard earned money going to the bank is hard to swallow, but there are some ways to offset the rising cost of interest rates. Continue

Protect Against Wrongful Credit Card Lawsuits

Credit Card LawsuitMost consumers are working hard to lower their credit card debt, but there are the millions of others who have outstanding credit card balances that they cannot or will not pay. Credit card companies do not get any pleasure out of sending an account to collections but would rather work with their customers to find a way to keep the account solvent. When an account is sent to a collection agency, in essence the company is accepting that the money will never be repaid according to the terms of the original agreement. In an attempt to recoup even a small portion of their losses, a collection agency takes over the account for the credit card company and works to get payments started. Continue

3 Helpful Credit Card Services You Should Use

Helpful Credit Card ServicesIn today’s erratic economy, with rosy predictions reported one day and dire warnings issued the next, it’s important for you to take advantage of every opportunity to simplify your life and prevent financial mishaps. With intense competition among credit card issuers, banks will provide you with a variety of flexible ways to better manage your accounts, and they won’t cost you a dime. Take advantage of the following services, if your credit card issuer provides them, and you’ll save money, avoid hassles and gain access to various protections. Continue

Credit Card Security Is Your Responsibility

Credit Card ThreatsBeing prepared is not only good advice to give to a Boy Scout, but it’s an important component in all aspects of life – education, home ownership, retirement, etc. You would never go on a camping trip without preparing for emergencies; likewise, when it comes to your personal finances you should never take security for granted. In particular, consumers have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to their credit cards. Thieves have creative ways to access personal information and credit card fraud is a common (and painful) outcome. Continue

Know How Your Credit Card Bill is Calculated

How to Calculate Credit Card BillMany people open their monthly credit card statement and don’t have a clue about what it contains – they simply make the minimum payment and forget about it. In the past credit card statements were complicated and difficult to understand, but new government mandates have made statements much more concise, providing you with a clear picture of how much you’re paying on interest, as well as how long it will take to reduce the principle. Once you know where your payments are going, you may think twice about paying only the minimum. Continue

Solving Common Credit Card Complaints

Common Credit Card ComplaintsEmotions run high when the topic of money comes up. For
some people, the issue of credit cards is at the top of their complaint list. They get caught up griping about interest rates and fees or other perceived grievances, but fail to examine or resolve the issue. Others have a negative view of credit cards as a whole and get worked up over unforeseen issues that arise, regardless of who’s at fault. Rather than sweating the small stuff, common sense should prevail when addressing an issue or filing a dispute with your credit card issuer. Here are some common complaints – and simple solutions. Continue

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